Not Enough Memory Space when running MS Word

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I am running Microsoft Office Word 12.0 when I got an error message stated below:


Microsoft Office Word 12.0

There is not enough memory or disk space to run Word.


Why am I getting a not enough memory space on MS Word only? I am not getting any error similar to this with my whole system.  Please help me fix it. Thank you.

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Not Enough Memory Space when running MS Word


Hello Leihli Stephen,

From the looks of it, you are getting that error because you don't have enough free space on your hard drive.

Please take note of the Picture below:

Please give attention to the Hard Disk Column. As you can see in every version of the Office (Includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and etc) there is a corresponding Hard Disk Requirement. 

Before running your MS WORD please check the requirements first, specially Hard Disk.

If you have another question do not hesitate to ask.

Thank You!

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Not Enough Memory Space when running MS Word


The first item to rule out if you have "Insufficient memory" is the Nimda Virus. This file is used by microsoft word for Rich text, and without this file the word cannot run properly. Also, even though your virus scanner report the presence of Nimda, you might want to try extracting a new Riched20.dll anyway. It found out that some cases where extracting a new DLL, resolved the problem even when NImda was not reported as present. I suspect that in these cases the virus had been eradicated, so it could no longer infect, but a corrupt Riched20.dll had not been replaced. 

But if you've followed the above steps and extracted a new Riched 20.dll file and the problem still persist, then the next item to rule out is a corrupt This was the main cause for receiving the insufficient memory error in word prior to the Nimda Virus. although reports of this were not as common as the Nimda Virus currently is. If you don't know how to rectify a corrupt, locate and rename it to Word will create a new upon starting. 

On the other hand, if the problem still exists, you can delete the new file and rename your file back to You may actually have a resource problem; First delete all temp (*.temp) files:

– Close all applications.

– Go to Start/Find/Files or folders.

– Change 'Look in" to reflect the drive/folder to the root of your local drive.

– In the "named" text box, type *.temp.

– Click the "Find Now" command.

– Delete the temp.files you find (These can be deleted directly from the find results to group the files for a single deletion, Click on any file and press Ctrl+A)


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Not Enough Memory Space when running MS Word


Thank you Ma_lyza! I ran my anti-virus and downloaded your given .dll for the Nimda virus but the error message was still there. So I resorted to your next solution which is the dot files. Your steps are detailed. Thank you for the help.

The error message was gone after the reboot.

Thanks TechyV!

Sorry for replying very late. 

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