How to take out pesky Trojan Virus?

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I am using a laptop at home and my Antivirus is Norton 2009. This Antivirus needs to update through the internet. My friend inserted her flash drive for copying a file from my computer. A virus detected on my computer. I scanned the flash drive as well as the computer, but the virus is still there! It's the Trojan virus which was detected on my computer. I fully scanned the computer but still the virus is in there. How can the virus be removed from the computer? Apart from formatting the computer, what else can we do to remove the virus? Is there any other software that can fully remove the virus? Answer please. Thanks.

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How to take out pesky Trojan Virus?


I think the virus replicate itself in the system when your deleting them with your Antivirus. If the system restore is enabled in your PC then it is possible that the virus restores it self automatically every time you boot your PC. To deal with this issue you need to disable system restore option of your windows.

Do the following:

You can disable it by accessing Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. Or Just right click the My Computer and click System Restore Tab, Change the settings, turn off system restore and run a complete scan again and see if it works.

Try removing it with some Antivirus program. I suggest you try Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s a free program that you can download via Microsoft Download Center or use Kaspersky Internet Security and install also Malware bytes Anti Malware if you only have Antivirus software installed in you PC.

Here are some other methods on how to remove the virus permanently. Follow these guides:

  1. Clean you temporary folder. Download and Install CCleaner. You can download here the free tool. It removes junks and unused files from your computer.
  2. Boot the computer on safe mode. When booting press F8 and select safe mode from the advance boot option that will display. Run your Antivirus or any Antivirus that I have listed above and have a full scan in your system. Restart in normal mode and see if the virus is gone.
  3. If the virus is there delete it manually. You might need to enable the “Show hidden files and folders” before you do this method. To enable it, select Control Panel on start menu > double click Folder Options >>>click the View tab > select “Show hidden files and Folders”.
  4. Boot again in safe mode, repeat the above booting process. Find the name of the virus. You can see this on the scanning report of your Antivirus software. Search the name of the virus on Windows search found at the right pane of start menu. It will ask you “What do you want to search for?” select all files and folders, and type in the name of the Trojan virus and click search. When you see it on the list, right click and delete.
  5. Check also if the virus is completely gone in the system registry. Normally the virus path name starts with “HKEY”. Click run on start menu, type “regedit” click Ok and the registry editor will pop up. Locate and delete the registry entry of the Trojan. Exit and restart your computer.

Tips on how to minimize the chances of some virus getting in your computer system:

  1. Always make sure that your Antivirus software is up to date.
  2. Schedule a weekly scan for your computer.
  3. When you are using messengers, don’t click on the links or download a file if you don’t know the person.
  4. When inserting a removable device, hold down the shift key to disable the auto play. This will prevent automatic opening of removable devices.
  5. If you’re not sure if the removable device does not contain viruses, do not double click it when opening. Right click the drive of the media and select explore.
  6. Download only program/software from trusted websites.
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How to take out pesky Trojan Virus?


Hi there,

There's a sure way to remove some viruses from your computer, even when your Antivirus could not detect it.

  1. Go to Task Manager by clicking CTRL+ALT+DEL and then click Start Task Manager.
  2. Go to Process Tab.
  3. Look for a process with a suspicious name. You can check it in Google whether that process is a legitimate Windows process or a virus.
  4. If you are sure with the process that you think is a virus, remember the name.
  5. Go to Command Prompt.
  6. Type exactly like this: taskkill /f /fi "username ne abcde" [then press ENTER].
  7. Everything will be closed automatically.
  8. Click CTRL+ALT+DEL, and then click Start Task Manager, click New Task (run), type "explorer" (without the quotation mark).
  9. Go to Windows Explorer.
  10. Open Windows folder, search for the process from number 4.
  11. Delete it.

If it's done correctly, you have just deleted the virus in your computer yourself!

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How to take out pesky Trojan Virus?



Virus is one kind of a dangerous things of a computer. If you want your computer to be safe from viruses, install a very reliable Antivirus. Anyway, also go this Techyv post to enrich your knowledge about this more.

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