Why there is Skype low resources on pc?

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Do you know why do I have Skype low resources, or may be it is common problem? I have noticed once on my resource monitor that when I make call, my CPU usage is on the high side (60-100%). RAM usage is 800 Mb out of 1 GB (just Chrome is opened and 3 tabs).

Is it HDD’s problem, or OS (my notebook has 1 GB DDR 2 RAM and a 2.0 GHz Celeron processor, Windows 7 32-bit). It slows down a lot and there is a problem to use Skype for me. How can I change the situation?

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Why there is Skype low resources on pc?



The main reason for your problem may be due to the background running processes. And also the processor speed is 2.00 GHz which is on the slower side.

Try to do the following steps.

  1. Press ctrl + alt + delete keys simultaneously to open task manager.
  2. In the task manager select process tab.
  3. In the process tab click come to the background programs and shut down unnecessary processes that are running.
  4. To do so, select the process and click on the end task button.

This should solve your problem to certain stage.

Thank you. 

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