What do you mean by communication?

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What do you mean by communication?

Ans:Communication is a common practice to exchange any information from one place to another place.

There are elements of communication system


b)Communication media


Generally in communication the signal sent for the recipient is known as transmitted signal and the signal that is received from the sender is called received signal.

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What do you mean by communication?


Hello there Biplob_bkb75,

Here's my answer for you.  Communication is the essential part of a process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding.  Communication is so vital. For without it, a person would not accomplish anything in the world.

Good communication, ensures a task that will be done perfectly right and with poor communication it brings fear and mistrust for most people from different walks of life.

So the thing here is, that you must express yourself in a productive way allowing others to understand you at the same time you relay the message in an organized manner  – that’s what communication means.



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What do you mean by communication?


Communication is the activity of transmitting meaningful information. It is a simple theory, but the methods and technology that are used to accomplish communication are very complex. There are two basic communication methods as Verbal and non-verbal Communication.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication refers to the most frequently used type of communication, such speech and discussions.


Basically it is the opposite side of verbal communication. That means wordless communication such as clothing and hairstyles.

Every communication we can identify major 3 characters. Those characters are Transmitter, Communication media and Receiver.


Transmitter is the thing that generates and transmits the message.

Communication media

Channels or tools used to transmit the message.


Receiver is the thing that catches the message.

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