Why is the problem occurred on max 2013 mtl library?

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I have a full version of max 2013 mtl library. I have problems with lots of materials from the provided Autodesk materials library. What happened to round corners and other potions (like refl/refr samples) in Autodesk materials. Why are they missing ? please help me. 

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Why is the problem occurred on max 2013 mtl library?



Hi there,

If you noticed that your libraries are not fully loaded or there is a small yellow warning sign, it simply means that your AutoDesk 2013 Material Libraries did not install properly and completely. There are several factors that may cause this to happen: it could have been your firewall blocking, anti-virus, or User Account Control. The software might have detected something wrong in your Operating system that’s why it did not install properly. Whatever the cause is, you must think of ways on how to get this problem solved. Here is what you can do:

1.   Verify that the libraries are all installed on your programs. Go to your CONTROL PANEL then PROGRAM AND FEATURES. Look for the following:

a.    Autodesk Material Library 2013

b.    Autodesk Material Library Base Resolution Image Library 2013

c.    Autodesk Material Library Low Resolution Image Library 2013

d.   Autodesk Material Library Medium Resolution Image Library 2013

2.   Also check whether you have all .adsklib files installed. Do this by going to going to C:Program FilesCommon FilesAutodesk SharedMaterials2013. Check for the following:

a.    AECM Materials.adsklib

b.    PhysicalMaterial.adsklib

c.    Assetlibrary_base.adsklib

                                         i.    Graphic properties

                                        ii.    Appearance properties

                                       iii.    Thermal properties

                                      iv.    Physical properties

If you see all of them or some of them missing, try to uninstall and reinstall Autodesk 2013, but before you re-install, make sure your firewall, anti-virus, and UAC are all turned off temporarily.

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