Why Outlook unexpected error w/attachment?

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Whenever trying to send an attachment through outlook a box comes up that says the following:

An unexpected error occurred: not enough memory available to complete the operation.

Close other programs to make more memory available, and then try again.

The computer is running Windows XP and Office 2007. There is 3GB of RAM installed on the machine.

The file will send after the machine has been rebooted.

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Why Outlook unexpected error w/attachment?


Dear Rasel

There are some questions in my mind.

If your question included these answers then it become very easy for experts to give you a perfect solution.

Questions are :

  1. What is your attachment size in MB?
  2.  What is your page file size?
  3. How much physical memory available at the time of error occurrence?

Possible Solutions:

  1. Reduce your page size file (you can reduce it through control panel)
  2. Use Memory cleaner software for free you RAM
  3.  Try to attach small files instead of large one.

Hope it will work.


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Why Outlook unexpected error w/attachment?


I have heard this problem before using MS Outlook in Microsoft 2007, as much as I want to give you some pictures for illustration on how to solve this problem,

I am using Vista now so, just follow instructions below.
Open your Outlook Express, which is now (Windows Mail in Vista).

  1. There we can see, TABS of File, Edit, View, Tools, Message and Help (Which I see now in Vista)
  2. Point to Tools Tab
  3. Select Option, and now look for Maintenance (which I'm doing now) because Maintenance is under Advanced already.)
  4. After Maintenance, select Store Folder Button (a store location dialog box appears)
  5. Copy the path (where your personal message store is located)
  6. If done copying, close the program (Outlook).
  7. Open an Explorer Window and Paste the path you just copied from Store folder in the address bar.
  8. Press Enter
  9. Look for outbox.dbx and delete it. (do not worry on this it will be created again after doing the next step)
  10. Open your Outlook Express again and you may try to do in mail sending with the attachment.

The error message should be gone and message should also be successfully sent now.


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