Blank Error Box Pop up occasionally

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Hey TechyV,

I have a core2duo computer with dual boot. I have installed windows XP and windows 7.

Windows 7 is working properly. But when I boot the computer in windows XP, it pops up an error message saying "Error"

Then I have two options. Press "Yes" or "No"

Though I press "Yes" or though I press "No", That dialog appears again and again.

Please see the image below.

This is the error message I got.

Anyone can help me to solve this ASP??

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Blank Error Box Pop up occasionally


You have a problem in your windows XP.

Is it service pack one, two or three. If it is windows XP SP1 or SP2 then change it into service pack 3.

Service Pack 3 is the best . You can do many work through the windows XP SP3.

There are many functions in the product. You can use it comfortably.

If you are already using the windows XP SP3 then your windows is missing some contents or data.

Missing file creates this kind of problems.

Re-setup your windows with the latest drivers. It will help you.

You can do your work perfectly then.

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Blank Error Box Pop up occasionally


That is a very odd error you got there. Haven't seen that kind of error before ever since I finished in an IT school.

I am sure the cause of that error is the incorrect setup when you made your computer to have a dual boot.

I also did that to my computer. I made my computer to boot on Windows Millennium and Windows XP.

I think when you did the installation on your computer to make it boot in 2 OS, you did it incorrectly.

When you want your computer to boot on 2 operating systems, you first need to divide your hard drive into 2 separate partitions. Creating a partition is different from just formatting your hard disk.

These are 2 different tasks. After you created 2 separate partitions, format them both using either NTFS or FAT32 file systems.

After formatting, you can now install the first operating system on drive C, for example Windows XP. After installing Windows XP on the first partition, drive C, install now the second operating system, Windows 7, on the second partition which is drive D.

You must install the 2 operating system in different drives.

Maybe what you did was installing them on the same drive.

That’s how you do it.

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