My XP PC stacks at Windows logo

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I've a 2GB dell computer running Windows XP 64 bit. After yesterday whenever I try to boot it, It freezes at the Windows logo. I've reinstalled Windows XP. So, it can't be software corruption problem.

Are there any things you know that can make a computer act like this?

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My XP PC stacks at Windows logo


If you already reinstalled your Windows XP 64-bit and still nothing happened, try checking the devices installed inside the CPU. Shutdown the computer first before opening the CPU case and remove its plug from the AC outlet to avoid any damage.

Open the CPU case. Check the cables connecting to your hard drive. Check carefully if both the ribbon cable and the supply cable of the hard drive are secured and are plugged tightly.

Because if either one of the cables is not secured in their connection, the hard drive will have spinning interruptions that might cause a serious damage to the device. You will also get sudden freezing in the system if the ribbon cable is quite loose in its port.

Check also the cables connected to your CD/DVD drive. If you have more than 1 RAM cards in your CPU, try removing them both from their slots. Then plug them back to the slots afterwards.

If you have a network card installed, remove it also from the slot then plug it back afterwards. Do this also on your sound card and video card if you have them both in your PCI slots.

After checking all possible devices inside the CPU, start again the computer. If the computer still shows sudden freezing, check if you properly configured or created your hard drive’s partition before you installed your operating system.

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My XP PC stacks at Windows logo


Hi Sheena,

Thanks for sharing your problem.

Dear first clean up your system for dust. Then try. Dust infects the system health.

I hope it will be fine now. But if you think that it does not work. Then reinstall your windows.

And also check your hard disk for bad sectors. Bad sectors make a system lower.

To check bad sectors in a hard disk visit this link and download this hiren cd for free.

I hope it will fix your all problem

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