Why my laptop crashes as sson as I turn it on?

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Hey guys,

I want to ask a question and that is why my laptop crashes as sson as I turn it on. Its just been a month I bought this Laptop from HP and it is said to have i5 processor then its speed should be nice, isn't it. Bt here the whole thing is different it hangs for a while and then allows to start work.

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Why my laptop crashes as sson as I turn it on?



You didn’t identify the specific model of your HP laptop. If you would, helping you with more precise steps could be given. However, there are many causes that might make the laptop behave such horribly.

First, make sure that the OS is correct. Sometimes, if the OS becomes corrupted, it behaves vague and causes malfunction. Installing the OS fresh will help. Learn how to install Windows.

Next, make sure that perfect drivers are installed. Download the latest and fresh driver from HP for your laptop. Install and restart your PC. Installing the latest BIOS is also recommended but make sure that the BIOS is accurately for your machine.

Some viruses or other malwares might cause the problem as well. Install any good antivirus like Kaspersky, Norton, and Avira etc.

If still no solution, there’s some hardware issue with your laptop. You should contact the manufacturer or the retailer if you have guarantee or, contact with an expert engineer.

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