Why does one face problem downloading any types of file?

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It is a very important point for a new internet user.

He/She may be disappointed, but it is a very easy solving problem, because if one does not install Internet Download Manager perfectly, then he/she can browse very easily but cannot download any types of files.

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Why does one face problem downloading any types of file?


Hi there,

I really don't understand your question but still, i will try to enlighten you to problems faced when downloading any types of file, first it will depend on what type of file you have to download.

First if it is a Word document, you may easily download it, clicking on the link and press save, and it will easily be downloading into ones computer. The problem then is how to view it, you should know what type of file you are downloading so you would know what viewer you should use for it, for example if it is a Microsoft file, you should have a Microsoft word downloading in your computer.

Next, if it is an image, you again simply download it or just drag it into your computer. Then, next again it will depend on your image viewer if it can read your image properly.

For videos and other files, it will be just the same.

Thank you!

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