Compact Framework

Compact Framework

Hi, Today when I tried to connect my pen drive to my laptop, my laptop isn’t recognizing the pen drive. I’m using the same pen drive and the same laptop now for almost two years. Why is this happe

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What is the finest method to handle Power Shell command line arguments? How to handle the command line arguments in the Power Shell in a better way?

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I tried to lift up my CF2.0(VS2005) Application to to CF 3.5(VS2008.Compilation was successful. When I try to run it I receive a Invalid Program Exception on startup. The exception is thrown when I try to set a Data grid as owner of a Data Grid Text Box Column. <– strange I used PEVerify from Windows 7.0a SDK and got several errors.

[MD]: Error: TypeRef has a duplicate, token=0x01000111. [Token:0x010000C4]

[MD]: Error: TypeRef has a duplicate, token=0x0100005c. [Token:0x010000CA]

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Hello expert. I am going to create an insurance website. I have to add newsletter templates publisher into my site. Before that I have to download it free. So I need the name of the website to download it. Please give me the related site to download it. Thank you. 


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Hello, I got a problem about lock internet access for some sites. So I can’t visit some website directly. But when I type the website name in Google then I can access to websites. Please help me to resolve this problem and give me the answer. Thanks.

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OS: windows mobile 6 standard

1. I copied NETCFSetupv35.msi ( Compact Framework 3.5) onto my storage card

2. I clicked on it

3. I got an error message: If it is on the storage card it has to be reachable

4. I rebooted my device

5. welcome screen appears immediately, but it freezes:
    blue hp screen "iPaq 500 series voice messenger 2.05.00 0.76”

6. it happens with or without the storage card.

How can I solve the problem?

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When I tried to run .NET Compact Framework in Windows CE 6, I get an error message that says:

.Net CF Initialization Error
 The application failed to load required components

My hardware is an ICOP VDX-084.

All other applications run in ICOP VDX-084 except .NET Compact Framework.

What can I do to solve this problem?

Do I need to reinstall Compact Framework?

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 Is there any difference between .NET Compact Framework and the .NET Framework? Please help me. Thanks! 

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It is a very important point for a new internet user.

He/She may be disappointed, but it is a very easy solving problem, because if one does not install Internet Download Manager perfectly, then he/she can browse very easily but cannot download any types of files.

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As I am working on the Windows Mobile project in Visual Basic NET (Visual Studio 2008) which has a Web Reference to the published Web service (of the other merchandise) an error displaying "Type WebReference. Vservei is not defined ", pops-up. The same problem persists even after removing the reference object from Solution Explorer. What can I do now?

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