Why do I get a warning when using Modern_Airports/Facades/modern3.fac?

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I tried using the brick system to build an airport but unfortunately some insignificant error gets in my way. It says, ”Error loading the scenery package: Resources/default scenery/airport scenery/

The scenery may not look correct. Please see the log.txt file for detailed error information.
(REN_facade.cpp:694)Resources/default scenery/airport scenery/Modern_Airports/Facades/modern3.fac:18:

This facade uses a roof object that is not inside a roof.  Please fix this!” The message is obviously too long for me to understand. What am I supposed to do? Can this be fixed?

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Why do I get a warning when using Modern_Airports/Facades/modern3.fac?


I’m sorry but your post doesn’t include the name of the application you are using in building and designing an airport. It would be much helpful in determining the source of the problem.

I can search the web for some virtualization software but this will bring different product names and versions which will make it more confusing.

Since this is the case, check first the compatibility of your operating system with the application. Visit again the website where you downloaded the software then check the program’s system requirements there.

This will justify if your operating system is within the scope of the application’s supported platforms. If it turns out that you are using the wrong version of the program, download and install the correct version for your machine.

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