How To Use USB in Sun VirtualBox

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What are the necessary steps and things I must install to get my USB to work in Sun Virtualbox? I already installed the necessary drivers to seamlessly integrate Virtualbox into my host computer.

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How To Use USB in Sun VirtualBox



It’s because when you connect usb to the usb port it’s connected to your home operating system (the one in which virtual box is installed and running). To connect usb to VirtualBox , when your guest Operating System is running in VirtualBox , go to VirtualBox’s “menu bar->Devices->Usb Devices” and there your Usb’s name will be appeared (e.g.; Sony Storage Media) click it and your Usb device will be connected to guest operating system in the mean time you won’t be able to use Usb on your host operating system. To connect usb to your home operating system again, uncheck usb’s name from Devices menu of Virtual Box and you can use the USB in your host operating system. 

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How To Use USB in Sun VirtualBox


Hi I am going to share some steps with images to use USB in Sun Virtual box. Follow the following steps.

First of all you need to install the virtual box machine.

STEP 1: Check out the image and follow the steps to configure the USB Setting.

after configure the USB setting, come to USB Filter that allow you to automatically connect usb devices with virtual box.

 Now you need to install Virtual Guest Addition, this will help you to enable USB Support. 

Step 3>  We try the Test and failed.

SO NOW YOU NEED TO Boot your virtual BOX AND THEN  try to connect A USB.


STEP 4> Now Fix group permissions. TO do this you need to add a user to virtual machine.

Click on the Properties button. Before this it make sure that ur user is listed on virtual machine and it checked in Group Members field.

Now restart your session by login again.

5> NOW Test again and YOU WILL NOW succeed. 

If you follow the all steps with full attention I am sure you will succeed. 

Good Luck.

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