Why Cannot Access Secured Website

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I am having a problem trying to log into a secured site.

I keep getting the error message…(Your "Cookies" Setting On Your Browser May be Disabled To obtain access into the Restricted site, you must Enable Cookies).

I have reset to allow cookies in the tool bar/privacy tab/advanced option.

But it did not work.

What should I try next?

Note I was able to access this site before.

I also recently added Norton Antivirus/Internet Security.

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Why Cannot Access Secured Website


If you could access this site earlier, then make sure that Norton Antivirus/Internet Security program firewall is off.

Turn on or turn off Norton Internet Security by following this steps,

1. Start Norton Internet Security.

2. In the left pane, click Status & Settings.

3. Click Security.

4. Click Turn on or Turn off.

Note: Firewall will be your protection against malicious sites and malicious program that can enter your computer.

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Why Cannot Access Secured Website


Hi there,

Are you using Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser?

Mozilla Firefox is a good internet browser but its new version Firefox 4 and others are creating a similar problem.

The best way to solve it is to replace it with the newer version Firefox 4.07 beta.

Another way to solve this, just uninstall Firefox and then run a cleaner like cc cleaner and restart your computer.

Then install Firefox 3.06.

The best option is to use internet explorer 8.

Internet explorer 8 will not create this problem because it has access on all required pages.

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Why Cannot Access Secured Website


Hello Jammy,

I will suggest that you clear the cookies and all the recent browsing history and then refresh your browser and see if it works fine for you. It may be possible that the Norton you installed may be responsible for blocking access to that particular site, you may consider uninstalling and see if the problem will be resolved.

The problem may also be with the browser that you are using, and therefore I will suggest that you try using a different browser and see how everything works with it. If you are using internet explorer they install Mozilla firefox or Google chrome and see it they work fine for you.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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