While Installing Error TimesTen

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Can someone help me out installing TimesTen? I was attempting to install TimesTen on my Windows 7 computer.

 When the installer starts configuring the software for installation, a “Feature transfer error” appears.
Feature transfer error:
Error: -2 The system cannot find the file specified.
Pressing the ok button shuts down the installer. I can’t find a way around it.
Has anyone else encountered this problem and maybe help me out? 
I hope someone can help me out with this one.
Much thanks!
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While Installing Error TimesTen


Hello friend,

This is occurring because of problems with saving Application data, it is called 'Feature transfer error', it will show upon installation process. There is two things which causing this error, one is corrupted installation file and second one is security in some windows versions. To fix this issue do these things :

  1. Go to the all users folder in the C:Documents and Settings.
  2. Right click on the folder and go to Shared documents folder, then click the properties.
  3. In general tab, clear all the data's and check the Read only option
  4. Then Apply -> OK
  5. Then go to security tab and select Every one
  6. And also check there is any 'deny' is activated, if there is deactivate it.
  7. Check 'Allow' for 'Full Control'
  8. And last click Apply -> OK

You need administrator access to do all these things, so make sure you are on the Administrator. By following these steps you can install TimesTen with out any error.

I hope you get the answer. Have a nice day.

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