Which IP is being used by intruders?

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Hi Guys,

I see there are two types of IPs, one we can check by this command "ipconfig" and 2nd we can find here: https://whatismyipaddress.com

Can anyone tell me which IP is used by intruders for accessing our system? What is the difference between these IPs?

Thank You.

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Which IP is being used by intruders?


Dear ShaheenIqbal20,

The one shown in the "ipconfig" window is our internal IP address. And the one shown on the https://www.whatismyip.com/ website is your external IP. For explanation, if you are connecting to the internet through a router, this router IP is the external IP but each computer connected to this router has an internal IP number. Notice that the external IP address that you connect to the internet through it is a unique one. According to this, our internal IP is hidden and only accessible inside your LAN. Hence an intruder can see only our external IP.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck.

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Which IP is being used by intruders?


Hi shaheenIqbal20,

Actually intruders used to attack the one that you used on the Internet, that is your public IP address and your private IP address is used only you and your ISP. If your using DSL connection or cable modem your IP address stay the same every time you used the internet but if you used dial -up then your IP address always changing IP addresses and it didn't stay the same every time you connect to the internet.

Intruders used the variety of techniques such as exploding known vulnerabilities, password guessing or manipulating and social engineering, once they access to the system they now proceed to compromise the network whether to steal the credit card, to delete files or to proxy the internet through to compromise systems. 

Intruders attempt to hide their tract through encryption, obfuscation and other techniques reduce the chances that would their presence would be detected and they will open up alternatives mean to access the compromise system. 

There is a way to know if your computer is being attacked, but first close all the browsers that open, after that go to "start" button and select "run" and type "cmd" and hit enter and then type "netstat -ano" and hit enter again. Now check if there is something is wrong check if it states that is your connected to other sites and you are not then your computer is being attacked by intruders but if didn't say anything then you're safe. 

Hope this will help.

Gothman Pil

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