Which is better, Indoor CPE internet or Outdoor CPE internet?

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I am going to connect to a new internet connection and I am just confused weather to connect to a Indoor CPE or a Outdoor CPE. What are the features of these type of internet connection? And which connection is beneficial among these two for long term use? Please help me decide.


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Which is better, Indoor CPE internet or Outdoor CPE internet?


Wi-MAX is the next generation of wireless broadband instead of Wi-Fi. Wi-MAX means ‘Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access’. In this we will get large internet coverage area than Wi-Fi. CPE is an equipment to use Wi-MAX services. CPE means that Customer Premises Equipment is a modem or receiver with fixed line broadband services, used by wireless subscribers. It can locate at the customer premises according to customers wish, for using wireless or wired services. Cost of CPE is uniformly for both indoor and outdoor CPE. According to our purpose of usage we can select either Indoor CPE or outdoor CPE.

Indoor CPE: Indoor CPE is the best for using in home and office. It can use in running vehicle also.

Outdoor CPE: Outdoor CPE can be used in remote and rural areas. It can be used up to 15 kilometers from BTS site.

Features of CPE:

1. Reliability: In normal case the interconnection won’t go down. If it happens in any case, it will restore automatically.

2. Portability: We can shift the CPE according to our wish inside the home or office.

3. Better performance than 3G and broadband services.

4. Wide range of plans is available for both prepaid and post-paid.

5. Wire connection is not required.

6. It is easy to setup and activation.

7. Internet speed will be high.

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