Which is the best sound system for home?

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A lot of sound systems are available these days. Which is the best sound sound system for home? I will be using the sound system for playing games, listening to music and watching videos. Should I choose the 5.1 surround or the 7.1 surround? What are the major differences between these surrounds?

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Which is the best sound system for home?

For games, videos and music you didn't need 7.1 surround music system. Actually 7.1 surround mean using 7 speakers on 7 different directions in your room. This type of speakers is used in theaters for good sound quality.  
For home purpose 5.1 is best and affordable speakers instead of 7.1 surround.
Audionaic is the best product among all.
Blue-Tunes BT850 is awesome for home purposes. We can operate it using a remote too. 
It contains FM radio, support SD card, USB and MMC with 2.1 channels. Perfect for big rooms with great bass.
Some other are:
Audionic BT-750 
Pioneer SP-PK52FS
SoundWare XS 5.1
Fluance SX-HTB
5.1 uses 5 speakers from different sides (top, left, right, etc) mostly TV computers computer contains 2.1 channel speakers. 

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