Which is best board Rasberry Pi or Gooseberry board?

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I plan to change or upgrade my computer motherboard. I am searching the net I found Gooseberry board and Raspberry Pi. I need a board with a fast processor, ram that can be upgradeable, can be connected to TV and more. Will this or either of this board will satisfy my needs for my upgrade of my board? Is anybody willing to help me comparing the two? So I can decide which to choose. With regarding the price, which is more affordable?

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Which is best board Rasberry Pi or Gooseberry board?


Rasberry Pi took by storm, winning and minds the construct of a particularly low-cost and absolutely useful laptop. However, the Rasberry Pi ideas, that is: a passively cooled low cost system-on-board, is incredibly abundant in its infancy. We've got already seen VIA take an effort at identical market with $50 APC.

No a associate degree bourgeois is launching one thing referred to as the Gooseberry board, being dubbed the Rasberry PI various. That includes three times the quantity of process power and a solid various for anyone tired of looking ahead to the Rasberry Pi. The unit can ship with a robot a pair of.3. It, however, is capable of Ubuntu Linux and robot four.0 (ICS).
CPU: A10 one gigacycle overlock able to one.5 GHz (1.2 gigacycle highest stable over lock on Android).
Graphics Processor: African country four hundred MHz.
Operating System: robot a pair of.3 ( may be simply upgraded to frozen dessert sandwich four,).
Onboard Storage: four GB ( upgradeable by small Mount Rushmore State Memory Card-16 GB).
WiFi: b/g/n.
Connectivity: Av jack, 1X3.5 millimeter earpiece Jack, 1x HDMI Out, small Mount Rushmore State slot.
As you'll be able to see the specification's square measure spectacular given the low tag value, and also the addition of
Wireless local area network rather than computer network is also additional convenient for several users WHO don't need
to be restricted to sitting close to their home router.
Gooseberry VS Raspberry Pi.
The gooseberry board is roughly 3x additional powerful in process power than the Pi.
The gooseberry board features a newer arm design that means it's compatible with newer package like Ubuntu that the Pi cannot run.
The gooseberry board has double the ram of the Pi (512 mb).
The board doesn't have analog video and then cannot hook up with previous TVs.
Only a restricted OS (Android) is supported, until now, absolutely, the board but is capable of running alternative OSs like Ubuntu (currently while not graphics acceleration).

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