How to replace motherboard to a computer?

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How to replace motherboard to a computer?

I bought a desktop computer with an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor, 200 gig hard drive etc. It recently started displaying very wavy images on my screen. I turned it off for a while but now when I turned it on my computer, the fans just start up and keep going and no image is displayed on my screen.

I replaced the graphics card and still have the same problem but I didn't hear beep sound or anything. I was told by my friend that it was the motherboard problem. What should I do to fix this? Does anyone know this kind of problem?

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How to replace motherboard to a computer?


Dear Cassielyn,

I hope that you will find your problem solved by following these steps:

At first you have checked that all of the cables that go from CPU to monitor, mouse and keyboard is in proper place. Then please check that the monitor cable is OK. Most of the time people place the monitor cable wrongly in the VGA port, for that the cable became unusable. Make sure that the cables of the pins are OK. Then, please check your CPU’s VGA port.

After that, clean the motherboard and inside the CPU carefully. Then turn on the CPU. Make sure that no beeps are coming from the board. If there is no beep that case please takes out power cables and the data cables and make the motherboard out of the CPU casing. Then, open the cooling fan on the processor. Then take out the processor carefully from the motherboard. Please do not touch in the inner side of the processor. Than clean the processor with a fresh and new woolen cloth. Please do not put out the thermal paste of the processor.

Dual core motherboard

 Then set the processor carefully in the motherboard. Then put the cooling fan properly. Make sure that the cooling fan is installed properly. After that, please set them into the casing and then install the power cables properly. Do not give the power cable of the hard disk. Because if you set the power cable of the hard disk now, your hard disk will face some problem. Then turn on the power button. Check and make sure that the beeps are coming from the motherboard. Do not enter the graphics card or RAM now.

DDR ram comparision

Then turn off the power and put the RAM into it. Then turn on it again. The beeps will change. Make sure that the sound of the beep is changed. If it doesn't change still now that case, your RAM is unusable. Please buy a new RAM and put it into the motherboard and make sure that the sound is changed.

Then please put the power button off. Install the graphics card on the motherboard. Put the cable of the monitor in the VGA port. Make sure all are OK. Then switch on the power button. If your monitor has no problem with it you will see some writings on it. If you don't get any writing on it, I think your graphics card is not good. Please change the graphics card.

  • If you change the graphics card and still now you have the problem then please check the monitor and check it with another running CPU whether it works or not.
  • I hope that you will find your problem solved. If everything goes OK, then please contact with the service provider.

Thank you,

Adam Smith

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How to replace motherboard to a computer?


Dear Cassielyn,

  1. Check your Monitor Data cable.
  2. Check your Ram.
  3. Remove all data cables except power cables.
  4. Remove Battery from the motherboard, after few minutes place it back and then check it.

After this if motherboard not given the display this is motherboard problem.


Fahad Khatri.

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