I want to learn how I could debug using a breakpoint

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Hello there!

Can you please help me, I have an MPC554 on a Phytec-MPC554 board and I am attempting to debug some prototype software running in it. I am using the MPC554’s Decrementer and exempted it as well as the ISR to keep track of the time it’s been running.

When my software was programmed in the CPU’s internal flash, I ran it until it reached a certain breakpoint. When it reaches the breakpoint, I started stepping through a series of codes. I tried entering the Decrementer Exception (IVOR10) handler routine but the debugger kept on trapping the exception which defeats the purpose of my debugging.
I also tried debugging without using a breakpoint and it worked just fine since I was able to configure the DEC to generate an exception at each millisecond.

However, I still want to learn how I could debug using a breakpoint.

I really hope you’ll help me.
Thank you.

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I want to learn how I could debug using a breakpoint


Breakpoints are basically a utility that will act on VB.NET that will stop the program that you are executing at particular place. All you need to do is add a breakpoint to the code that has been used to create the program, and you will do that by clicking in the margins. Once you click, you will see a brown circle which indicates to you where the code is supposed to break. See the images below for further clarification:

You will need to note that the line at which you will like the VB.NET to break is highlighted in brown. You will just run the programmer, and then you will click the button, and that will automatically take you back to the coding window. At the coding window is where you will put the breakpoint, and there it will have a yellow arrow which will be on top of the brown circle.

-Clair Charles

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