Where to purchase anti virus ?

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Would you kindly discuss if there are some managers of the system which will be connected to the internet that can limit or eliminate some damage which are done by worm or virus.

If there is a system for that, may we know where can we find and purchase it.

Can you tell us, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having this system.

Please, I really need the complete information and advised.

Thank you so much.

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Where to purchase anti virus ?


Hallo Angie,

For sure you can protect your personal computer from damage that may be caused by surfing the internet and downloading files from the internet. The ways you can use include the use of strong passwords and firewalls.

I will recommend AVG antivirus. It is a free antivirus that you can download from the internet, and it has the link scanner that scans any site that you access and the entire download so as to protect your PC from infection by Trojans, viruses and other malware that you can get by surfing these sites.

Also ensure that you have enabled the firewall on your computer so as to block any malicious programs that might want to execute on your computer.

Lee Hung

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Where to purchase anti virus ?


Everybody knows that the computer is the excellent way to contact with people in Business dealing and for fun. On the other hand when the people connect to the internet and browse multiple websites, there are many numbers of Viruses which can damage your computers. Anti-Viruses software use as for remedy of Viruses

There are two things which you must have to care. The first one is that you should know about your computer specifications like capacity of hard drive, memory, Video card and operating system etc. Because all anti-viruses software are not compatible with all operating systems. The second one you must have to buy full version of antivirus which include all dimensions like security, malware free, and virus free. Totally scan computer all files on all drives, online page and email downloading files.

I will prefer Antivirus Kaspersky 2012.

Features of Kaspersky

Kaspersky update all viruses and malware every time which can be damaging to your computer. It performs in the back with intelligent scanning and frequent updates. Kaspersky protects your computer with internet threats, email viruses and USB (Universal Serial Bus) viruses

Drawbacks of Kaspersky

This software price is high, but other anti-virus software available in cheap price.

The license of the Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 is for 3 users. 

You can download and purchase Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 by visiting their website

I hope that this could help.

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