Where to get free sample outlook 2010 skin?

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Finally, I just upgraded my Microsoft Office 2003 to the latest Microsoft Office 2010. I am an outlook user and I can see vast amount of changes especially the toolbars. I am an outlook user and our mail client requires us to setup email in Outlook 2010. So as not to make my emailing experience boring and dull, I would like to set my outlook to have skin and theme.

Where to get free sample outlook 2010 skin? And how can I suppose to install it?

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Where to get free sample outlook 2010 skin?


Hello Acke,

Here for your full instruction about bring dynamic changing in outlook 2010.

Bringing innovation to the daily activities and working tools can bring attention, eternal willing, help to be enthusiastic for particular work. Changing font style, font color, size and font family, changing theme etc can make the work dynamic from outlook.

Outlook 2010 Black scheme

my floder

Outlook 2010 silver scheme

Outlook 2010 silver scheme

Outlook 2012 Blue scheme

Outlook 2012 Blue scheme

Changing outlook 2010 in various way:

Bring change in scheme you have to follow the next procedure

Click file > select options > on the general tab > select a different color scheme

outlook option general

after launching outlook2010 from file menu, click options

file - info

Then a dialogue box will be appear and click mail > stationery and fonts

stationery and fonts

From personal stationery you can change new mail messages font, replying or forwarding messages font and composing and reading message font etc.

Signature and stationary

Clicking font, a font dialogued box will be appear from where you can choose font , font style, size, color and associated line,


You also can change from home font changer.

font changer

From personal stationary you can choose any kind of theme from different kind of theme.

choose atheme

After choosing the theme will be appear like that


I hope that will help you to make change in your work and daily activities.

Best of luck.

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Where to get free sample outlook 2010 skin?


Many chances has been made in office 2007 as compare to office 2003. You many not find so similar skin as like office 2003 because new functionalities and layouts will be there. I am suggesting you some website from where you can download the skins and also posting some of tutorial to apple these skins

Following are the websites for skins download


Tutorial for the skin


Hoping this will work for you
Thank you

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Where to get free sample outlook 2010 skin?


All of your suggestions are superb because I am getting sick of seeing the same Microsoft blue everywhere I look. Willet Engelin, thank you for your screenshot images and tutorials for Outlook 2003. They are easy for me to follow, and with your system, I am able to change the font, font color, font size, theme and more with Outlook 2003, and I am now feeling comfortable using this application. Thank you so much from the deepest of my heart.

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