Antenna to a closed box Wi-Fi-N router

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Do you have any recommendations on how to add a better antenna to a closed box Wi-Fi-N router? Because my Wi-Fi 802.11b/ 802.11g have no signal and have a lot of third party antenna boosters and my signal gets affected.

Does it need some signal boost?

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Antenna to a closed box Wi-Fi-N router


In most cases you will note that the Wi-Fi signal that does not cover the entire house or the range that you want it to cover, and therefore a problem when it comes to using wi-fi network. But the still the in-home Wi-Fi coverage can be an area for possible improvement.

One important factor that will determine the accessibility of the wi-fi network is the placement of the wi-fi router. Just placing the router any place may end up causing the signal to be tremendously slow in your house or the building that you are in. You can improve the strength of the wi-fi network using the wi-fi range extender which will help you access the internet from every part of the building without the signal breaking down.

-Mathew Stone


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