All USB ports have stopped working

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I have a problem with my USB ports. They all have stopped to work all of a sudden. Nothing is being detected.

  • I have tried plugging different devices in the different ports.
  • I uninstalled and reinstalled the USB drivers.
  • I have tried installing different USB drivers.
  • I have confirmed the USB ports are enabled in BIOS.
  • I have updated BIOS.
  • I even formatted the hard drive and loaded different Operating Systems.
  • Bought different USB plug and plugged it in the motherboard.
  • Right clicked on My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > USB ports, checked for any problem and found none.

I tried all of these but nothing worked.

My computer specs are;

  • Intel P4 3.2 GHz.
  • Gigabyte GA-8IP775-g.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • 128 MB Radeon 9200 Pro Family.
  • 120 GB Hard drive.
  • MS Windows XP Pro SP2.

The funny thing is that when i plug in a keyboard, is not being recognized but i tried to plug in an iPod, i was not recognized but picked up power, it was charging.

I got an advice from a friend to disable and then enable the USB port drivers, i tried that, no success.

Whatever the problem might be i don’t know.

Please help me.

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All USB ports have stopped working



"If all USB ports have stopped working".

First; Reboot your computer and press del to enter setup, here you need to check on-chip primary PCI IDE, on-chip secondary PCI IDE and USB controller all are enabled in integrated peripherals.

Second; Go to device manager by right clicking my computer-hardware-device manager, at the top of the list right click and select check for hardware changes, then install all the USB drivers progress, if still USB ports have stopped then install the chipset drivers.

Third; If USB ports still stopped then go to device manager then double click the universal serial bus controller branch to expand it. Then right click USB root hub, and click properties, now click power management repeat for each USB root hub and finally click ok.

Thank you.

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All USB ports have stopped working



Mostly this problems occurs due to lack of update of drivers for this then just Google USB drivers and then install them or update them to your computer and the problem will be have been sorted out.


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All USB ports have stopped working


If your USB ports stop working, make sure the correct drivers for your motherboard are installed. If you have a GA-8IP775-G Gigabyte motherboard, go to Gigabyte GA-8IP775-G Motherboard Drivers. Here, select your correct operating system then download and install all available drivers and software for your motherboard. This motherboard is a bit old.

The available drivers support Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), and Windows Server 2003 (32-bit). Since your problem is with the USB ports, make sure the motherboard chipset is installed. There are no drivers available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10.

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