Where can I find Cleaner program low memory usage?

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I have noticed that my desktop has been very slow lately.  I'm also receiving the message "Your system is low on virtual memory".  My desktop has a Pentium 4 processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 1 GB GeForce Video Card and Windows Xp 64 bit.  Where can I get a cleaner program low memory usage?

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Where can I find Cleaner program low memory usage?




Hi Halleleilani2,

Many cleaner softwares are available on the internet. You should go to on the internet and search for memory cleaner software.

Why you need this software?

Because your PC performance is not good. You already mention that you are facing a message “Your system is low on virtual memory”. It means your virtual memory is full. This software will delete the low memory of your PC and then your PC will be faster than before.

Now I am giving a link for your help here you can download a cleaner software-



Best of luck

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Where can I find Cleaner program low memory usage?



Please make sure your C drive has some GB space free.

If your C drive has less free space system doesn't work properly.

Make sure you disable all unused background applications because they use RAM and your current applications don't get sufficient RAM for processing.

Use an antivirus software to clean your PC from viruses and malware  and update it from time to time.

Viruses and malware slow down your system.

Updating your antivirus software is required because every day new viruses and malware comes in your hard disk when you browse and download files from internet.

There are many cleaner programs available for use.

Check the following links for same,

Direct free download link


Hope this helps you.



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Where can I find Cleaner program low memory usage?


If you receive a low virtual memory message on your computer, you just need to increase the size of your page file or virtual memory. Another solution is to upgrade your machine’s memory by adding more RAM. To see the amount of virtual memory you have, for Windows XP users, right-click “My Computer” then select “Properties”. Go to “Advanced” tab then under “Performance”, click “Settings”.

In “Performance Options” screen, go to “Advanced” tab then at the bottom you will see the “Virtual memory” section. The amount indicated here in MB is the size of your virtual memory. If you see like “4000 MB” like in my computer, it means 4 GB. Now, to increase your virtual memory, in “Virtual memory” section, click “Change”.

Now, in the “Virtual Memory” dialog, increase the amount of virtual memory your computer is using. To do this, select “Custom size” then in “Initial size” and “Maximum size” fields, enter the same value in MB. For example, 1000 is equivalent to 1 GB.

According to an old rule of thumb, the ideal page file size or virtual memory size should be double your RAM or 1.5x your RAM but you don’t really need to follow this. Check the actual amount of RAM installed on your computer and apply the rule. For example, if you have 512 MB RAM, your virtual memory should be 1 GB or 768 MB.

In both fields, enter without quotes “1000” for 1 GB or “768” for 768 MB then click “Set” and then “OK”. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click to restart the computer. If the problem continues, upgrade your memory.

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