MS-Outlook Error on saving a contact

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Hi smart people, I have a problem here about Microsoft Outlook, I cannot save a contact, whenever I save a contact an error message will pop up, I pasted below the error message screen shot for you to refer.


Can’t create the item

This problem started when I borrowed a pen drive from a friend, and did not know that it has a lot of virus, after which I notice some slow down at my computer and unfortunately including Microsoft Outlook, but when I scan my for some virus, all that was found was healed, I think the scars still have remained, 

Please help me fine tune my computer again, 

Thanks a lot.

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MS-Outlook Error on saving a contact


Hi there.,

If you are experiencing that error, I suggest that you re-install Microsoft office, even If you cleaned up the viruses the files in outlook must've been damaged due to the virus. Viruses especially "Trojans" are hard to eliminate because it jumps to a different file even if you have an anti virus. 

After re-installing MS Office and still experienced the problem, I strongly suggest that you reformat the whole thing, your Operating System.

Because scars are unreliable and for you to totally eliminate the virus.


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MS-Outlook Error on saving a contact



I can help you fix the issue with MS Outlook on your computer. I suggest you to perform the following steps on your computer:

  • When the Certificate data for the contact that you are trying to save is more than 32 kilobytes, Outlook will not save that contact. Make sure it is less than 32 Kb.
  • If the above steps do not help you, there is a hot fix from Microsoft that is dated August 25, 2009 on the webpage I suggest you to download and install this fix and see if the issue gets fixed.
  • Just in case if your issue does not get fixed, you’ll need to reinstall the Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Make sure you install the latest version. Alternatively, you can also contact the Microsoft Support to fix your issue.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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