When will Nokia’s 41 megapixel camera phone be released?

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When is the release date for the Nokia 808 PureView? What countries following the U.S. will see the release the 41-megapixel camera phone?

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When will Nokia’s 41 megapixel camera phone be released?


28 Feb 2012/May 2nd, 2012 at 10:30 PM this the release.

Nokia has made their most excellent 41-megapixel camera 808 Preview with a digital zoom. However, it appears that they are having some issues with the extent of the sensor. This 808 image sensor has a mass resolution; but not only that, they are also larger on its physical size. As of today, it is bigger than (if not the entire) Smartphones ever. The pixel upon sampling also lets Nokia to improve a failure in digital zoom which is most likely the most essential part on most people.

Essentially, when you zoom out the camera, the extent of over sampling will lessen until it reaches the required actual resolution. So if you have put up 5 megapixels, it is possible to zoom until over sampling is over and by using this 5 megapixel area of the sensor. Scaling and interpolation is not possible but a 5 megapixel picture.

On the same resolution, it will provide you a 3x loss less zoom for pictures and 4x zoom on high-definition movies. If you lessen the resolution, you will get added loss less zoom.

When operating the zoom, Nokia added a pristine slide zoom function that allows the user to slide your finger everywhere on the display to nicely move in and out. Without the moving optics, you cannot hear the zoom on recording. In terms of optics, the Nokia lenses was even more stimulating.

The Carl Zeiss 5-element lens consists of an index and a low-dispersal lens made of glass which is better than a plastic just like with the other Smartphones. It is made of a big f2.4 opening consist a 26mm focal length on 16:9 and 28mm on 4.3. Nokia takes the mixture next to the large sensor size that will add a very nice background blur when taking close-up photos.

The 808 is possible to focus on nearly 6-inches from the subject. With the loss less zoom, it is possible to take a close-up on the subject and get a fine detail.

Without the optical zoom, the camera utilized a f2.4 opening on the range of zoom. Optical zooms  on a reduced camera utilize an increasingly smaller opening as you spread the lens, which simply means you have to employ a greater ISO sensitivities and a reduced shutter speeds to get rid of getting blurry photos.

This 808 f2.4 lens and the digital zoom will not have the same dispute, so it can hold the ISO low for fewer noise and will still utilize a much accelerated speed.



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When will Nokia’s 41 megapixel camera phone be released?



MWC 2012, Nokia's new 41-megapixel camera touting Smartphone the Nokia 808 Preview has been dated and priced for launch.

Following the handset’s officially unveiling at MWC 2012 in February, online retail giant has suggested Nokia new camera happy Smartphone, will hit the UK later this week.

Although Nokia has yet to offer any confirmed Nokia 808 Preview release date, Amazon.co.uk has listed the handset as available for pre-order with those looking to get their mitts on the 41-megapixel camera boasting Smartphone set to be able to do so from this Thursday, June 21 st.


Release date in India: 13 June 2012

41 megapixel sensor, high-density sensor comes paired with a Carl Zeiss lens and new pixel over sampling technology can record 1080p HD video with 4x digital zoom with no loss of detail.

 Symbian Belle operating system, Nokia Rich Recording, which enables audio recording at CD-like levels of quality, Dolby Headphone technology and Dolby Digital Plus for 5.1 channel surround sound playback, 512MB of RAM, and 16GB of storage using a microSD

Nokia 808 Preview UK release date changes again

Could June 4 be the date it arrives?

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When will Nokia’s 41 megapixel camera phone be released?


Hi Corin,

Nokia have release the phone that has 41-megapixel camera last May 2012. Russia and India were the first markets. However, there is no exact date when this phone will be release in US or other countries yet.

You can be updated with the release of this phone worldwide by just visiting www.nokia.com or website

Here are some steps for you to check the availability of the phone:

1. Once you’re in Nokia's homepage, just look for "Nokia 808 Pure View availability".

2. Click "check"

3. You will see the map, just select the region where your country is located.

*NOTE: If you can not see your country, just click “Not seeing your country in the list?" located just under the map.

4. If the phone is still not available, you will see "Sorry Nokia 808 Pure View is not currently available in your country “.

 Or you can just simply visit website so you can check the map for availability of the phone immediately.

I checked Russia and India. Even the first market does not have the phone yet.

I have attached the Nokia’s homepage where you can check the availability, and the map where it says that North America still don’t have the phone.


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