When I should switch my PC to hibernate sleep mode?

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When I should switch my PC to hibernate sleep mode?

How can I select auto switch to hibernate?

Is the hibernate mode is dangerous for PC?

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When I should switch my PC to hibernate sleep mode?


Hi Jonathanchandler,

I think hibernation is one of the most useful features of the windows system. Hibernating your system means that you can turn your computer off while preserving your current work session giving you the ability to carry on where you left when you open it again.

Hibernation doesn't come with any sort of disadvantage . The only disadvantage you can stumble up on is that the hibernation works by getting the stuff in your RAM to your hard disk which will take space from your hard disk that Hibernation reserved for it.

So if you have low capacity HDD this will affect your storage space.

Regarding auto hibernation it is a feature you can choose in your power plan and it means butting your computer to hibernation when you are away from it for a certain time. The option can also be chosen for closing the lid in case you are working with a laptop.

You can set your computer to auto hibernate by going to Control panel –> power options –> Hibernate tap –> check Enable hibernate support  click apply –> go to APM (advanced power management) tab –> click Enable Advanced Power Management support then apply –> Power schemes tab –> select the time you want to hibernate the computer after in idle state then OK.

Hope this helps.

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