When I log in as root and start x the

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When I log in as root and start x the watch-like timer doesn't go away and nothing appears in the task/control bar. The k menu works ok though. Is this normal? And if not how do I fix it? (Everything works fine on my user account though).

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When I log in as root and start x the


Hi There,

To answer your concern regarding your Linux, I guess a simple figure regarding your setup can answer your queries;

First you Log In as [root] # startx;

This is just Normal basically so you can access your GUI interface to your Linux system;

Welcome to X Window System, it is a graphical interface that is popular in Linux Distributions or commonly known as “X”. You’re seeing now on your screen is a version you installed, basically you have a K Desktop Environment or otherwise known as Mandrake Linux Interface as you mentioned earlier. Also, you already stated that everything works fine on your account so you have nothing to worry about. For more assistance in configuring your “X”, this link will surely benefit in your workaround. http://dsl.org/cookbook/cookbook_6.html#SEC94

Hope this help.

A. Wright

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