Bodhi Linux not booting, what to do?

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I'm a researcher and I use many OS on my PC. Today morning, I tried Bodhi Linux. I have downloaded the latest version of the OS from and burned it to a CD. But the problem is that the OS is taking forever to load. A infinity symbol is shown on the screen and I think the PC has freezed. What can I do now?

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Bodhi Linux not booting, what to do?


I think you totally did it wrong. Though the Bodhi Linux download comes as an ISO file, it shouldn’t be burned on a blank CD. The installation for Bodhi Linux is different with other operating systems that normally require a setup CD or DVD. With Bodhi Linux, the installation is done using a USB flash drive.

To install Bodhi Linux, you need a USB flash drive for the ISO file you downloaded. To do it properly, visit UNetbootin for Linux Distribution and then download and install UNetbootin on your computer. Once it is installed, insert your USB flash drive and then start UNetbootin. When you are prompted, enter your password then click OK.

Select Diskimage and then select ISO from the dropdown list. Normally, ISO is selected by default. Select the ellipsis button […] at the end, navigate to the location of your ISO file, select it and then click OK. In Type, make sure USB Drive is selected. In Drive, select the drive letter of your USB flash drive and then click OK.

Wait until it is finished then boot your computer using the USB flash drive. To boot using the USB, change the boot sequence on your BIOS. Check your BIOS if there is an option to allow you to boot on USB devices. When you are all set, insert your USB flash drive then restart the computer. When the USB flash drive has started, select “live – boot the Live System” and then press Enter. See image.

To begin the installation, click on the Install Bodhi Linux icon and then follow the instructions.

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