Whats the best monitor for xbox360 or ps3?

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I have a 22” HP 2207. I want to substitute it with a 27” or 28”. I actually wish to take benefit of 1080p, as I would want to play some Xbox and PS3 games, although I don’t own any one of them now, but I will get one in recent future. Another reason for buying a new monitor is because I wish to have the biggest possible computer.

I need confirm information so that I can make a choice as soon as possible, though I have done some study by myself, but I want it to be authenticated.

And please elaborate the difference between 1920×1080 and 1920×1200. Kindly don’t only identify the dissimilarity of pixels; I would require a detail description.

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Whats the best monitor for xbox360 or ps3?



Most high end games run on 1920×1080 resolution. So my suggestion is to buy a display device with 1920×1080 max resolution.

Bioshock: 1280×720 – 360
Blast Factor Demo: 1920×1080 PS3
Call of Duty 3: 1120×630p 360
COD4 (360) 1024×600p 2xAA
COD4 (PS3) 1024×600p 2xAA
Dashboard: 1280×720p – 360
Def Jam: Icon (PS3) 1152×648
Full Auto 2: 1920×1080 AA 4x, bad framerate – PS3
GRAW2: 720p – PS3
GRAW2: 720p AA 2x – 360
GTHD: 1440×1080 – PS3
Halo 3: 1152×640p – 360
Harry Potter: 1280×720 MSAA 2x
Heavenly Sword: 1280×720 AA 4x PS3
LocoRoco Cocoreccho 1920×1080 MSAA 2x -PS3
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS3) 1920×1080 FullHD
NBA 07: 1920×1080 – PS3
NBA 08: 1920×1080 – PS3
NBA Street: 1920×1080 AA 4x (30-60fps) – 360
Ninja Gaiden Sigma: 1280×720p PS3
Oblivion (360): 1024×600 (PS3 version is full 720p)
Perfect Dark Zero: 1138×640p – 360
Pirates of the Caribbean (PS3 1080p): 780×1080
Pirates of the Caribbean (PS3 720p): 960×720
Pixel Junk Racers: 1920×1080 PS3
Project Gotham Racing 3: 1024×600 360
Skate: 1280×720 AA – 360
Skate: 1536×864 – PS3
Super Rub a Dub: 1600×1080 – PS3
Super Stardust HD: 1280×1080 – PS3
The Darkness Demo: 1024×576 PS3
Tomb Raider: 1024×600 360
Tony Hawk Project 8: 1040×584 AA – 360
Tony Hawk Project 8: 1280×720 – PS3
Tony Hawk Proving Ground: 600p – PS3
Tony Hawk Proving Ground: 720p – 360
Transformers (PS3) 960×1080
Uncharted (PS3) 960×1080 in 1080p
VF5 (PS3 1080p): 1024×768
VF5 (PS3 720p): 1024×1024 (same as 360)
Virtua Tennis 3: 1920×1080 AA 2x – PS3, 360
XMB: 1920×1080p – PS3


Here are my recommendations:

27.5 inch Hanns·G HZ281HPB Widescreen LCD Monitor, Budget gaming monitor. It does the job without the cost.

HP 2711x 27" LED Monitor, great contrast, deep levels of color. Even great for designers.

ViewSonic VX2739WM 27-Inch 1920×1080 Full HD Monitor. With 1ms response rate. You can never go wrong. Extremely great for action games. You’ll definitely have a great time.

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Whats the best monitor for xbox360 or ps3?



The best way to play games on xbox 360 and PS 3 is to buy some of plasma TV or LCD .You will get crystal picture and full pleasure with playing the games in HD resolution. I will suggest u to buy one of this:

LG 42PA4500
Lg 50PA4500
Lg 50PA5500

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