My Monitor is black after few minutes.

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The problem is that I have a Dell computer monitor and it is not working. The monitor going blank after a few time. And then I start the monitor again and again the picture of the monitor will be going to dull and monitor will not start. I have a lot or workload so I want to work on the PC but the monitor is creating so difficulties for me.

Can any one know how I can cover up this problem and I can start my work as soon as possible.


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My Monitor is black after few minutes.


Hi, Your monitor could be having a video problem and fixing a new Video card may just be the solution to your trouble. You could also try pressing the functional keys the blue/green on your number keys with the function key in the middle of alt and ctrl keys.

The third option is to plug it on another display that is if you have another one, find the controller on the control panel for the graphics card. In the View sonic website go to the manual for display graphic card and out put. After all this process it means you will need to reinstall everything that you had earlier. If you try all this and it seems not to fix your problem then I would advise you to call the dell technical support to get advise on what to do.

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My Monitor is black after few minutes.


This is another of those questions that I get very, very regularly. Unfortunately it's hard for me to offer concrete help. The problem is that there are so many possibilities, and there's no single "part of my computer" to point at.

There are many things to look at, and look for,

It could be the video card in your PC. It could, for example, be overheating, and as a result cut out after 5 to 15 minutes. 
Turn it off, it cools down, and you get another 5 to 15 minutes of use.
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My Monitor is black after few minutes.


Your computer is probably fine. More than likely the inverter board for your LCD has gone bad.

The inverter board powers the back lights in your LCD.

If you will take a flash light and shine it directly at the LCD you will probably see the display very dimly. You can purchase the board and swap it yourself or you can pay someone to do it.

Either way it will be cheaper than buying a new LCD.

For a temporary fix you can also lower the brightness on your monitor, using the flashlight to navigate.

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My Monitor is black after few minutes.


Well from the looks of it, it may be necessary to replace a certain component in your system. When you turn on the computer, do you hear beep error codes?

If not, do you see the hard drive activity light blink as a sign of activity?

Does the computer seem to boot fine?

If the computer seems to boot fine but there's still no display on the monitor, then it could be a monitor or a graphics card problem.

Try disconnecting the monitor from the computer tower, does it give you a message on screen that there's no signal?

If it does, the monitor should be fine.

If you have a working monitor, try it on the computer tower, if that works, then the problem is on your monitor's VGA cable.

If another monitor does not work, then this is a graphics card problem.

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