Whats is ADM and ADMX related to Active directory?

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What's is ADM and ADMX related to Active directory?

Can anyone explain what are these packs.

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Whats is ADM and ADMX related to Active directory?


Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)

is a part of Microsoft’s fully integrated directory services available with Windows Server 2003, and is built specifically to address directory-enabled application scenarios. ADAM runs as a non-operating-system service, and, as such, it does not require deployment on a domain controller. Running as a non-operating-system service means that multiple instances of ADAM can run concurrently on a single server, and each instance can be configured independently.

Active Directory Application Mode represents a breakthrough in directory services technology that provides flexibility, and helps organizations avoid increased infrastructure costs.


Migrator, which is created and supported by FullArmor, enables you to convert ADM files to the ADMX format and take advantage of the additional capabilities that it provides. The new XML-based format includes multilanguage support, an optional centralized Datastore, and version control capabilities.

You can select multiple ADM files for conversion. The ADMX Migrator creates a unique namespace which you can rename and will display a warning if a collision is detected due to duplicate names. Also, any items that cannot be validated against the ADMX schema are preserved in an Unsupported section. Please note that any annotations in ADM files are removed during the conversion process.

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Whats is ADM and ADMX related to Active directory?


I’m confused if it is ADM or ADAM because of the post above, it says ADAM instead of ADM. Anyway, ADM stands for Add-Drop Multiplexer.

It is a multiplexing task that is applied in SONET optical technology and in electric signal transmissions. Its function lets new signals to be received and drop the present signals from the carrier channel by letting it through the add-drop multiplexer. Its main purpose is to add and drop signals without affecting the forward broadcast of signals.

It is a vital component in an optical fiber network because being a multiplexer it combines or simply multiplexes some of the lower bandwidth data stream into a single light beam.

The ADM is capable of adding one or more low-bandwidth signals to high bandwidth data stream while dropping other low bandwidth signals eliminating them from the stream and sending them to other network path. The Fabry Pérot etalon is the major optical filtering technology applied in add-drop multiplexer.

Below is an example of an Add-Drop Multiplexer.

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