Microsoft .NET issue, slows down the system

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I recently installed .NET in my laptop, after installing when I restarted my laptop it became very slow and took 8 minutes to start. When the problem persisted I uninstalled .NET and everything become ok!
Whenever I installed .NET same problem occurred, please explain why this happens and what its possible solution is.
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Microsoft .NET issue, slows down the system

Microsoft .NET framework takes up some of your registry space and it also takes some hard disk space. So, it is normal that it will slow down your PC a little bit. However, it shouldn't slow down your computer miserably. 
In your case:
– Ensure that you have installed all the latest windows update. 
– Ensure that your system partition isn't full.
– Find and fix all the problems regarding the Registry. You can use the tool from here
– Use this tool to check whether your .NET framework is installed properly. 
– If there is any issue, you can repair your framework using the tool from here
Hopefully, this time your computer won't slow down miserably. 
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Microsoft .NET issue, slows down the system


One reason for that is because after installing Microsoft .NET Framework the .NET Framework service will start running with Windows if one or more of your startup applications use it. But if none of the startup programs require Microsoft .NET Framework, it will not run on startup. The .NET Framework service is set to “Automatic” by default that’s why it will run automatically when a program requests it.

For beginners or for users who don’t know why Microsoft .NET Framework needs to be installed sometimes, you only install Microsoft .NET Framework if one of your applications need it. You will know this when you install a program or when you check the system requirements of an application. You don’t install Microsoft .NET Framework for no reason.

If you installed it just because you are curious about it, you need to uninstall it because, in most cases, the computer decreases performance after installing it.

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