What is the ways to fix or change acer power port?

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I have a Acer laptop and it's performance is good.

But suddenly my power port don't working thou I have changed my adaptor. Even I try many ways.

Anyone have a solution.

How I can improve my Acer power port?

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What is the ways to fix or change acer power port?


Hi Shannon,

It will be better if you mentioned the exact Acer model. Never mind, I think the problem is with the power port not the power adaptor because you’ve already changed it. It’s repairable. You’ve to strip the laptop completely, from the motherboard desolder the old socket and replace it with a new one.

But make sure that you are buying the same socket from a reputed parts supplier. If you are not confident enough to strip the laptop then it’ll be better if you take the laptop to a nearest service center.

Good Luck.

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What is the ways to fix or change acer power port?


If you can no longer charge the battery of your laptop and you think the problem is with the power port, you need to check first if your charger is working. Make sure there is power in the AC outlet then plug the charger. Next, turn your laptop upside down then remove the battery from the battery compartment.

After this, flip it back then connect the charger to your laptop and then turn it on. If the charger is working, you should be able to turn on your laptop. But if the machine is not turning on, there is something wrong with the charger.

To make sure the problem is with the charger, borrow a charger from your friend that has the same output voltage as your charger. Now, see if your laptop powers up using your friend’s charger. If this works then it means your charger is defective. Just buy a new one to replace it.

On the other hand, if changing the charger doesn’t work, this means you need to bring the laptop to the nearest Acer service center to get it serviced. It could be a problem with the power supply or with the jack.

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