What is a virtual router software and how it works?

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I think there are some virtual router software but how these work? What is the mechanism of this software? How much area they cover? For signal production  a modem or router is needed but how can a software can do the work of a hardware? Please help me.

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What is a virtual router software and how it works?


Hi Ericson, 

As you are searching for a virtual router, I have two solutions for you.

  1. You can install Connectify Hotspot on your computer to turn it into a Wi-fi hotspot. This software comes in handy if you have Android devices in your home. The range is just a matter of your hardware, the software can support as much as your hardware's range. It works perfectly, but be aware if your connection is Broadband. The last time I started Connectify with Broadband, it disabled my Broadband Connection. 
  2. Go to Control Panel>Network and Sharing Centre>Set up a new connection or network>Create and Ad-hoc network. Select WEP as security type and add a password. Activate this network and you will find it working just like a hotspot. However, for some reason Android devices cannot detect this network so for Android you have to use Connectify. 


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