Network Connection Failed Several Times Everyday

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One of my friends is working in a multinational company as a system engineer and very often he call me to solve different networking and server related problem because I am an IT professional too. Yesterday he called me as usual to get my help and the summary of the problem is that network connecting drops several times in each day.

In his office more then 15 computers are connected through a switch. The service only resume after restarting the switch. He already tried to fix the problem by replacing a brand new switch but it still exists. I have never seen these types of networking problem that’s why I came here for the solution.

Hope to see a reply on this thread very soon.

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Network Connection Failed Several Times Everyday


Hi Harrisons,

The problem you've mentioned, I think the fault lies in the network switch. You did not mention  what type of networking device you have.

The problem is in the traffic of data that goes to your networking device. If you are using network hubs there is a possibility that it will slow down your connection because hub receives a packet (chunk) of data at one of its ports from a PC on the network, it transmits (repeats) the packet to all of its ports and, thus, to all of the other PCs on the network.  If two or more PCs on the network try to send packets at the same time a collision is said to occur.  When that happens all of the PCs have to go though a routine to resolve the conflict.  Each Ethernet Adapter has both a receiver and a transmitter. 

If the adapters didn't have to listen with their receivers for collisions they would be able to send data at the same time they are receiving it (full duplex).   Because they have to operate at half duplex (data flows one way at a time) and a hub retransmits data from one PC to all of the PCs, the maximum bandwidth is 100 Mhz and that bandwidth is shared by all of the PC's connected to the hub. The result is when a person using a computer on a hub downloads a large file or group of files from another computer the network becomes congested.  Then connection failed occur. Again you have to reset the network hub to get rid of the collision.

While an Ethernet switch automatically divides the network into multiple segments, acts as a high-speedand supports simultaneous connections of multiple pairs of computers.  When the switch receives a packet, it reads the destination address from the header information in the packet, establishes a temporary connection between the source and destination ports, sends the packet on its way, and then terminates the connection.

I think you will purchase 3 com network switch although the cost is high but it very durable. Thank you.


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Network Connection Failed Several Times Everyday


I don't know what type of network you are using but I think it is due to reason that your Internet connectivity is not at constant speed to make sure that it is working properly you can manage a server if you are already using, then you can check that you are also using the networking speed and connection speed manager.

It will manage your networking speed and all users will get the good speed with a constant time. You have to manage your IPs also on different computers. After you check this all also see the hardware connectivity, your network line is properly connected across all the devices or not. And that's it I want to say I hope this help you a lot to see your problem.

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