What is Top-Level Domain and I Need some explanation

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Hi guys ,

What is Top-Level Domain , I need  some information such as,

What is it

How Top-Level Domain effect Search Engine Optimization

can anyone please help me

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What is Top-Level Domain and I Need some explanation



Top level domains are the domains parts situated at the last part of the domains.I mean in a web address there at least some words separated by dot(.) .You have seen on any web address that has .com,.org,.net,.edu,.ac,.uk,.mobi,.info,.int,.jobs etc on last part and these are termed as top level domain.To get more example and availability,license or permission please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_top-level_domains .

Now come to how Top-Level Domain effect Search Engine Optimization.Actually top level domains define the type of your web content.As for example .edu define that the website is about education. .org define a ordination,.com define a business company,.uk define about a country and so on.As search engines come to know information from your domain name,so it is much important for search engine optimization.

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What is Top-Level Domain and I Need some explanation


TLD stands for Top-Level Domain. It is the last segment of a domain name or the last three letters that comes after the last dot in a web address. For example, in “https://www.techyv.com” web address, “com” is the TLD name or the top-level domain name.

A TLD identifies something about the website it is associated with like the organization that owns it, its purpose, or the geographical area where it is from. Every TLD has an individual registry managed by a selected organization under the supervision of the ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. While “com” is the top-level domain name in our example above, “techyv.com” is the second-level domain.

All of these compose an FQDN or a Fully-Qualified Domain Name. The “http://” prefix makes a fully-qualified domain name a complete or absolute URL. ICANN has the following categories for TLDs:

  • Country-code top-level domains or ccTLD – every ccTLD is two letters long and identifies a certain country like for example the ccTLD for the United States is “.us”, “.ph” for the Philippines, and “.in” for India.
  • Infrastructure top-level domain – this group has only one TLD, “.arpa”, and is managed by the IANA or the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority for the IETF. ARPA stands for Address and Routing Parameter Area.
  • Sponsored top-level domains or sTLD – these domains are supervised by private organizations.
  • Generic top-level domains or gTLD – these TLDs are the most common. Examples of TLDs in this group are “edu”, “com”, and others. “edu” stands for “educational” while “com” is for “commercial”.

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