What tools are used for NTFS to ext4 conversion?

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What are the tools for converting windows NTFS to Linux ext4? I am running a dual boot with both window 8 and Linux Ubuntu, now I want to convert the window NTFS to Linux ext4 because am running low on disk space in the Linux partition. What tools can I use for the conversion keeping my NTFS data intact?

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What tools are used for NTFS to ext4 conversion?


You want change size of your partitions without lose any data or reinstalling operating systems. You can do it installing in your computer (don’t matter your operating system is, works in linux or in windows) a program to manage then.

I recommend you a freeware called Gparted, and you can install in your operating system of your preference.

With this software or similar software you can manage your partitions without lose anything.

It is a partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions. This type of software is very simple to use. Take a look in screen shots below to see how this type of software works.

You have another one licensed softwares to do that, if you want buy it.

Just be careful on use it because you cannot stop process once start or you can lose your data.


Anthony John

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