What steps are needed to remedy a hanging/freezing computer

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There is a serious problem that my computer has developed that I am yet to figure out its cause. My computer freezes and I highly suspect that it has a virus.  I am stuck because I don’t know what to do next. I am wondering which of the following actions will solve the problem once and for all when I run it.

  • Should I run the antivirus to perform a virus scan,
  • Have the whole hard disk scanned or
  • Should I run a disk defragmenter.

I am also interested to know in what order these actions should be performed that will remedy the problem. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? Or does anyone have an idea on how to solve this? Thanks.

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What steps are needed to remedy a hanging/freezing computer


As you have observed in the question above the reason why the computer is freezing could by as a result of a virus attack. But there could be other causes to that problem too, some which include low RAM capacity and a problem with the operating system that could have been caused by an action you did on the computer.

Therefore, you will need to go to My Computer and right click on it, and then check the RAM capacity of your computer. If it is too low then you will need to upgrade it. The best memory that a computer will work well with a good speed is about 3 GB RAM. If there is any action that you may have done on the computer that is affecting the operating system you will need to run system restore to remove the changes you made. Also perform a full system scan of the computer so as any viruses or malware on the system will be detected and removed.

-Lee Seen

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