What should do, if laptop keyboard doesn’t work.

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Hey experts,

I have an Asus laptop. Last year my older brother gave me that. It gave me a really good service. But last day I got a new problem with it that some of the keys of the keyboard are not working such as – space-bar, a, s, d, f, number keys, tab, shift etc.

I use my laptop most of the time to chat with my friends on yahoo messenger. But it has become really harder after the keyboard’s key failure in my laptop. Now I am using the On screen keyboard from the accessibility option of windows XP. I tried with many steps but failed to solve this problem.

Firstly, I pressed the keyboard buttons with a high pressure. But it didn’t work. Then I lean on  my laptop with my hands for a long time but, I got no result. I know these are not the proper way to repair my laptop’s keyboard. As far I know the laptop is a very sensitive and critical device. Its inner side is not like a desktop PC.

So I am not daring to open it. Because, I don’t know anything about the inner side of a laptop. Moreover, there is no laptop servicing center where I can show it as I am living in an urban area. I need help to solve this problem. Everyone knows the importance of a keyboard in a computer. I will appreciate any sort of help.

Thank you very much for your time.

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What should do, if laptop keyboard doesn’t work.


Dear Whiting,

How’s going. Thanks for your question. Well the thing is that I’m also using Asus Laptop. The difference is that I haven’t faced such problem like you. But sometimes my keyboard responds little bit slowly. Well I’m giving you some possible solution so that you can again use your Laptop frequently.

1. Since you’re facing problems with some of the keys of your keyboard then replacing some key may be helpful. The thing is that the keys are held in place with small plastic mounting arms. This very often brakes and causes to lose some of the key. To do this you need to have –

  • A set of tweezers.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • A keyboard repair kit (to hold the keyboard).
  • And most of all be patients.

I would suggest you to take the plastic slip from your old keyboard. Now take the slip by cutting it from an old keyboard key. And put it to your Laptop’s broken key.

2. I would suggest you to check your control panels see if there is any problem regarding Keyboard settings.

For that:

  • Go to Control Panel > Double click Regional and Language Options > Regional Options will appear > Language Options > Advanced at the top.
  • In the Regional Options tab > Samples > Make sure that the menus are set to your region's settings.
  • Click on the "Customize" button next to the first pull down menu. Sometimes these settings can interfere with your keyboard.
  • Make sure that, at the bottom of the "Customize" dialog, your measurement system is set to whatever system your region uses. Once that tab in "Customize" is all set, move over to "Currency," "Time," and "Date," making sure that their settings are correct.
  • Click "Apply" for both the Customize window and the Regional and Language Settings window.

Now open your word file to write something, if it doesn’t work then the problem is a hardware problem.

3. Since you’re saying that your laptop used to work fine but now for a few days you're facing problem. So it may require to Replace the keyboard. Well don’t worry it’s an easy task. Since maximum keyboards are held together with a some screws that keeps it together with the base of the laptop. Carefully unplug the keyboard connector. To release the keyboard ribbon cable, gently move the connector edge upward about 2 to 3 millimeters. The ribbon should slide out easily.

To get the step by step procedure to do this task.

4. Well I need to know. Have your dropped some liquid into your laptop keyboard. I hope you didn’t. Because it may cause the keyboard not to work properly. So have to clean it off. And for that shut down your laptop and clean your keyboard with a clean napkin.

5. The problem you’re facing may occur due to loss connection of your keyboard to the system-board. Since these cables are really soft and sensitive so a loose connection may cause this. Solving this may require to replace your keyboard.

6. I would suggest you to buy a portable Laptop keyboard. These keyboards are really cheap and not heavy. And comes with a USB port. So you can just plug and play your keyboard.

Hope you would find these solutions effectively.

Thank you.

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What should do, if laptop keyboard doesn’t work.


Hi Whiting,

In my long experience in computer troubleshooting, I can recommend that you need to replace your keyboard. I did experience many cases like yours. A, S, D, F and tab are normally the common problem when you got a damaged keyboard. If you have no experience on replacing the keyboard, bring your laptop to certified repair center. Don’t try to replace by yourself if you never try it before. It can cause more serious PC problems if you damaged some part of the board.

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