How to delete other secondary partitions on Win XP

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Hello buddies,

I have a Pentium 4 pc. I have been using this PC for the last four years. I use a 80 gigabyte Samsung Hard disk in it from the time of beginning. There were eight partitions in it. I mean to say that there were eight Drives in it.

I have been facing a lot of problems with the huge drives. Especially at the time of coping a big file such as- movie, my projects, etc I get drive disk space problem. That why I wanted to break the recent partition and make two new partitions.

Just C and D. But the main problem arises when I try to delete these partitions. When I go to the Disk Management from the Computer management window, I right click on a drive and hit on the Delete Logical Drive.

But the drive is denying to be deleted. I tried again and again with no luck. Then I thought that the problem must be in the operating system (I use Windows XP service pack 3). Then I boot a new XP setup disk and try to delete those partitions.

But an error report is coming that Windows failed to delete the drive. I don’t know where the problem is. I have not ever formatted any drives of this Hard Disk.

Would anybody please help me delete these partitions? I will be very pleased. Please help me buddies.


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How to delete other secondary partitions on Win XP


Hello Mr Turner, 

First of all I want to mention that you can not delete the C drive staying in the windows. You can delete the other drives, which you are trying. You are having this problem may be for some sort of virus and Hard drive efficiency degradation.

In your case you have to delete the total hard drive. Before doing that first save all your necessary data on other computer. You tried XP but you did not mention that staying in the windows you tried to setup or not.

If you tried staying in the windows then try the steps below:

Reboot the PC and from the Bios give the boot priority to CD Rom. Then using the windows XP CD try to setup the windows, when you see all the partition in the window, delete all one by one.

After that make two partition of your hard drive. Here format only the C drive and set up the windows. Then after entering into your windows you format the other drive from disk management. 

If you tried this procedure then the other procedure is essential for you that is given below:

Try to collect a windows 98 CD. Try FDISK to partition your hard disk, when formatting is complete then do not set up Windows 98. Remove the CD and again start with Windows XP installation and again format your hard drive.

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How to delete other secondary partitions on Win XP


I would like first to advise that you first take your time to clean all the equipment from threats such as viruses, Trojans and worms first because most likely it could have been the team affected by any of the three and that why is posting him to all these problems.

After doing all this I now ask you to take the normal way of formatting the computer.

If it fails after this trial then that at this stage it would probably be better when first using a DM utility to delete any or all separators can exist in the external HDD and start the process again.

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