Shut down and power on schedule

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Is it possible for your pc or laptop to automatically shut down at a time that you can specify and also power on a specified time, and schedule it everyday?

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Shut down and power on schedule


Yes there is so many software like this, even free soft is available. Not only schedule shutdown and startup but also you can give many other task or multitask like playing a song and many more.

It is so fun to use as you can get up from you bed hearing the sound of you favatiot song go to your office and see that your computer is already start for you.

Many more now I give you a link where you find a software like this here It is: but I don’t know it is free or have to buy.

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Shut down and power on schedule


Hi Samuelaguila,

Thanks for your question. I had a question like you to shutdown PC automatically and power on at a scheduled time before. I asked my friend and did more researched on Internet to solve this issue. And I have found a way to do this for Windows XP. You just need to do the following steps.

1. Go to 'Start->Control Panel' and then click on 'Scheduled Tasks' if you’re in Classic View. If you are in 'Category View' then you need to click on 'Performance and Maintenance'. Now click on 'Scheduled Tasks' and you will get a screen where you need to be double click 'Add Scheduled Task' icon.

2. Then click 'Next' on the Schedule Task Wizard screen.

3. Click the 'Browse' button on the next screen that lists the different applications.

4. Browse to C:Windowssystem32 and select the program shutdown.exe.

5. After selecting shutdown.exe, you will find different options and you can select 'Daily' if you want.

6.  Then you simply clicking the 'Next'  button and put your desired time.

7. Finally put password of your PC if necessary and click the 'Finish' button.

I hope this will help you to shut down your PC automatically whenever you want.

Thank you.

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Shut down and power on schedule


You can always use AIMP2 mp3 player to listen music and also use it's auto shutdown feature.It's really simple.

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