What is a server and how does it work?

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World is now in my hand. Day by day internet service is increasing. It serves us differently .For giving its service, it uses switch ,hub, router .I now see is inner thing. From server we all get data .I think it like store house .It just my idea .Now i want to know about server clearly. 

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What is a server and how does it work?


Server is also sort of a think of a computer specifically design to process requests from different areas and computers and delivers that information to other areas and computers, it can be local over a LAN connection or also can be remotely done, They have huge amounts of storage capacity , processing speeds, memory , advanced and modern peripherals, by which they handle the extreme load of network traffic and not be down at any time as if they be down everything will be down as on network is going on. There are some specific types of such servers,

  • Proxy servers for proxies
  • Online game servers for extreme gaming
  • Web serves specifically designed for internet traffic
  • This is basic information, there are lots of books and material on internet you can sort out according to your need of learning.


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What is a server and how does it work?


The term server means:
A program computer that may or may not be on the same computer running to meet the needs of other programs.
Examples of servers are servers database, mail server, and file server

On computer network functions as an agent of the socket listener. The term server equipment is one or more computers that link to other computers, users within a large organization private or public users via the internet. Many servers have functionality dedicated web servers, print servers and database servers.

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What is a server and how does it work?


Hello Yadin,

A server is a physical computer that store data and information and supply among the user when user want. In easy words it look like a hard disk dedicated to run one or more services to the host. For doing this service we needs of the users of other computers on a network.

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