What OS does Apple Computers use?

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Good evening everyone!

Is there someone here that uses Apple Computer?

I just need you guys to answer this question if you don't mind.

What OS does Apple Computers use?

I would really appreciate your help.


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What OS does Apple Computers use?


Dear friend,

An apple machine uses the Macintosh operating system. The operating system of Macintosh is extremely good in apple machines and computers. The most common one to use is the Macintosh 09 operating system this is because it is a single thread and works well with the apple computers.

There is also the Macintosh X and also the UNIX operating system. These two can alternatively be used in apple computers. I use the Macintosh 09 operating system in my apple machine and it is extremely compatible and good. Try this operating system or the other two, they are all compatible.

I hope this was helpful to you.

Thanks you!

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What OS does Apple Computers use?


Hello Ricarey,

There are only 2 OS used by apple computers

1) Mac OS

2) Mac OS X

And these 2 OS have many versions

They are:

+Mac OS 8. introduced on 1997

+Mac OS 9. introduced on 1999

+Mac OS X 10.0 code named Cheetah. introduced on 2001

+Mac OS X 10.2 code named Jaguar. introduced on 2002

+Mac OS X 10.3 code named Panther. introduced on 2003

+Mac OS X 10.4 code named Tiger. introduced on 2004

+Mac OS X 10.5 code named Leopard. introduced on 2007

+Mac OS X 10.6 code named Snow Leopard. introduced on 2008

+Mac OS X 10.7 code named lion. introduced on 2011

+ OS X 10.8 code named mountain lion. introduced on 2012

OS X 10.8 is the latest version that is now available.



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