Critical OS X device driver error

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This morning when I have opened my MAC I got this error message about Critical OS X device driver error. I installed KPC650 last night and I think that this may be the problem with it. Anyone experienced this kind of error before ? How can it be solved ?

Thank you !

Critical OS X device driver error!

VZAccess Manager has detected that the Apple 5220

j device driver has been modified so that it will work

with the PC card that you have installed.

These modifications are not supported by Apple or

Verizon Wireless and they will prevent the VZAccess

Manager device driver from detecting your wireless


You will need to restore the Apple driver to it’s original, unmodified state in order for VZAccess Manager to operate properly.


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Critical OS X device driver error


If you do the installation properly and all goes well then there should be no problem. But since you are already prompted by this error, try installing the latest updates for your operating system. The system will first detect the devices presently installed on your computer and will check for any updates available for them.

Because the KPC650 card is connected, I’m sure Apple will have an update for this PC card. Just install the update once the checking is finished and restart your computer. In case update for the KPC650 card is not available, just install whatever update is available and restart your computer.

See if this fixes the problem. If the problem still exists and since your system is complaining of a modified device driver which is not supported by Apple, I think it would be best to just uninstall the KPC650 card driver. Once uninstalled, restart your computer and see if you will be prompted again with that message.

To guide you on the proper installation of the KPC650 PC card, visit VZAccess for Mac for Kyocera KPC 650 and follow the instructions.

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