What is an oracle txt editor?

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Hello experts,

What is an oracle txt editor?

In the Oracle database there are some features that I don’t much get or understand like for instance, txt editor and import and exporting data. But I have to learn it all for I need to use it and connect with my Java programming language system.

I hope you can give me some answer.

Thank you.


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What is an oracle txt editor?


Oracle text editor is the text panel where you can write any kind of SQL code.

If you want to learn how you can go through the tutorials.

JDBC is the keyword to Google if you want to manipulate database from your program.

Using JDBC, you can connect database from your program.

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What is an oracle txt editor?


The text Editor tag is used to render multi-line editor control.

For more info regarding it you can check:
A comprehensive detail is present in the below link from where you can learn how to write the SQL Code in the Oracle panel
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What is an oracle txt editor?


1. Txt editor is used to write or edit SQL queries. If you are using sql*plus

You can define the _EDITOR variable as follows

For windows SQL> DEFINE _EDITOR=notepad

Now if you type 'ed' in SQL prompt(SQL> ed). Notepad will open

2. Instance is used to access the database. It is a set of background processes and memory.
A Database is a set of files. You cannot directly interact with it. Through instance only you can work.
Every running Oracle database is associated with an Oracle instance (memory + process).
Memory for storing values & query results. Process for monitoring client requests & transferring data.

3. Importing & Exporting

Used to copy the tables & records from one system to another (or one database to another database).


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