Differentiate OCl8 and ORA Extension Module

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I need to complete a report regarding OCl8 and ORA extension modules.

These two are extension modules that PHP offers and can be used in connecting to Oracle.

My question is what are the major differences of the two?

And which is providing more options and very optimized to use. 

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Differentiate OCl8 and ORA Extension Module




As both of the extension modules are for PHP that can be used to connect to Oracle.

ORA [Normal Oracle Function]

OCI [Oracle Call Interface Function]

It's up to you whom you used to connect to Oracle but it is recommended that we should use OCI instead of ORA because OCI is more optimized and OCI also provides more features and options. Whereas ORA, it does not support CLOBs, BLOBs, BFILEs, ROWIDs.

Therefore OCI should be used instead of ORA.


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Differentiate OCl8 and ORA Extension Module


Hi Frank,

The important thing for you is to complete your project well and in right time instead of selecting OCI or ORA.

I am not using BFILEs, CLOBs, BLOBs etc. in my project and therefore I can still use OCI and not ORA.

I will suggest you to use OCI or ORA which saves your time the most.

Your database shall not have any extra burden to carry the weight of the images or files you are using in your project.

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