Oracle Developer Forms Runtime error

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Hi guys,

I am working on my oracle server and what caught my attention is this error message as follow:

This started when I added an additional user. Before I add a user, everything seems to be doing great. I did not remember adding user limits in the configuration file, that will ban user addition. I already checked on the services, all are up and running. I rebooted the system on the apprehension that there might be some error loading or some glitch, but when I started again, the problem still exists.

Please somebody who has an idea on oracle help me solve this system issue. Your suggestion is highly appreciated and welcome.


FRM-92101 : There was a failure in the Forms Server during start-up. This could happen due to invalid configuration. Please look into the web-server log file for details.

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Oracle Developer Forms Runtime error



I think there's something to do with its registry file

Go to Run>Regedit

Then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Session Manager > SubSystems

 Edit  Window Property Parameter from SharedSection from 1024,3072,512 to 1024,3072,1024 ( If it doesn't exist create a new 'SharedSection' and having the values of 1024,3072,1024)

Reboot Server

Give a feedback if it solves the problem

Thank you 🙂

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Oracle Developer Forms Runtime error


Hello Steve,

This is not so common problem in Oracle form servers, but it really makes a disgusting situation when it appears. Although you did not mentioned that which operating system you are using I am assuming that is kind of unix OS. Now copy the line one by one and after copy one line past it in the terminal and press enter. As it is related to server so I am considering that it usually keep connected with internet.

$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/lib32
this will change the directory.

$ rm ldflags

It will remove the ldflags
$ ln -s $ORACLE_HOME/lib/ldflags ldflags

After this finish the work, stop all the web related services and then reboot and again connect to forms executable. At last past below two command lines in terminal and then it will work fine.

$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms/lib32/
$ make -f install

This is a simple solution if my assumptions are right. Otherwise please visit this link:

Thank you,

Riley weaver

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